BioRemedial Technologies Inc. (BRT) has been manipulating naturally occuring microbes since 1993.  We offer “not to exceed” pricing, cost cap, and paid for performance (PFP) pricing.  Simply put, if we don’t meet the project goals we will not get paid. Our technologies include treatment of selenium, acid mine drainage (AMD), chlorinated solvents, gasoline, lagoon sludge, diesel range organic (DRO), river sediment, process water and wastewater streams, airphase reactors and most organic compounds.  We operate in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions within soil and groundwater.  Our technology focuses on the isolation and enhancement of the site’s native microbial population to treat soil, groundwater and other contaminated media. BRT sites have been given “No Further Action” declarations from regulatory agencies that results in no deed restrictions and attainment of drinking water standards.  This allows sites to be redeveloped for maximum value.  The capital and operational cost of  BRT’s systems are significantly less than that of traditional remedial processes as well as being significantly faster. BRT’s upfront laboratory testing permits conclusions to be made regarding the successful outcome of a project without performing expensive pilot studies in the field.


BRT has a well rounded staff of PhD. microbiologists, professional geologists and experienced field technicians to handle any unique situation. Expertise enables us to adapt our technology to meet the needs of the site in a very cost effective manner.  Please feel free to contact BRT anytime to discuss your situation confidentially. Below are very brief descriptions of  BRT’s technology that is used in a given industry.


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mining_thumbIssues resulting from mining activities often times are the result of chemical reactions occurring in-situ. Acid Mine Drainage (AMD), selenium and many other elements and minerals can lead to harmful discharges …read more

petroleum_gas_thumbFor successful remediation of hydrocarbons (in an aerobic environment), three things are needed at a given site: Intrinsic bacteria capable of metabolizing the carbon (contaminant); available and sufficient …read more

industrial_thumbProduction and processing of basic raw materials are key to every economy. BRT understands how some of these activities can have potentially harmful results. These activities can lead to compliance issues with …read more

lab_thumbBRT has a full service microbiology lab located in house for expedited services. These include plate counts (heterotrophic and contaminant-degrading), DNA identification, MPN analysis and treatability studies just …read more


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