BioRemedial Technologies Inc. (BioRemedial) has been manipulating naturally occuring microbes since 1993.  We offer “not to exceed” pricing, cost cap, and paid for performance (PFP) pricing. Simply put, if we don’t meet the project goals we will not get paid. Our technologies include treatment of selenium, acid mine drainage (AMD), chlorinated solvents, gasoline, lagoon sludge, diesel range organic (DRO), river sediment, process water and wastewater streams, airphase reactors and most organic compounds.  We operate in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions within soil and groundwater.  Our technology focuses on the isolation and enhancement of the site’s native microbial population to treat soil, groundwater and other contaminated media.

BioRemedial sites have been given “No Further Action” declarations from regulatory agencies that results in no deed restrictions and attainment of drinking water standards.  This allows sites to be redeveloped for maximum value.  The capital and operational cost of  BRT’s systems are significantly less than that of traditional remedial processes as well as being significantly faster. BRT’s upfront laboratory testing permits conclusions to be made regarding the successful outcome of a project without performing expensive pilot studies in the field.

BioRemedial has a well rounded staff of PhD. microbiologists, professional geologists and experienced field technicians to handle any unique situation. Expertise enables us to adapt our technology to meet the needs of the site in a very cost effective manner.  Please feel free to contact BioRemedial anytime to discuss your situation confidentially. Below are very brief descriptions of  BioRemedial’s key personnel.



Donald Perry

President and CEO

Donald Perry is the Chief Executive Officer and President of BioRemedial Technologies Inc. which he founded in 1993 with a vision of remedying environmental problems using natural methods. Prior to his current professional endeavors, Mr. Perry was a managing partner of a successful coal and limestone mining company, for which he was instrumental with branching-out into several other businesses including restaurants, housing developments, hotels and a full service golf country club. Don’s responsibilities consisted of overseeing sales, future land leasing, developing mine leases, spearheading financing projects, and mine-site reclamation and environmental permitting through Federal, State and local government agencies. This extensive industrial and commercial background gives Mr. Perry a unique prospective on how environmental regulations can affect the business cycle. He started “BioRemedial” to help other business owners and operators navigate regulations and also to develop new technologies to naturally destroy environmental contaminants. With multiple decades of executive leadership on both sides of the environmental spectrum, Mr. Perry has learned the importance of balancing environmental issues and the resulting costs. This knowledge and experience makes Don a key attribute in solving any environmental, regulatory or managerial problem that one might face in conjunction with normal business operations. “I enjoy the challenges that difficult problems present and finding the most efficient, timely and cost sensitive approach to each and every one of our projects.”

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Matthew Perry

Vice President and COO

Matthew Perry started his career in the environmental field in 1999 while attending Grove City College for a B.A. in Economics with a focus on environmental studies. Starting as a field technician and working his way through almost every aspect in the environmental field, Mr. Perry gained valuable knowledge and skills that makes him a great asset to any project. He continues to build on what he learned from first hand experiences by attending classes and seminars to further his education and understanding of new technologies and environmental issues. Matthew volunteers his free time to aid non-profit groups, local businesses and residents who have environmental concerns and advises them on how to address these issues. As Vice President of Operations, Mr. Perry oversees projects from conception to implementation through site closure. Matthew will work closely with his clients throughout a project to ensure work is being carried out as efficiently and cost effective as possible.

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Tyler Perry

Vice President and CFO

Tyler Perry has been working with BioRemedial since 2005.  His business background brings a unique perspective to the environmental industry.  Mr. Perry graduated from The University of Pittsburgh with a B.A. in Economics and continued his education at Youngstown State University earning his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with a focus on management.  These skills allow Tyler to understand the weight that regulations can have on the business process and how costly certain environmental practices can affect the bottom line.  Teaming these skills with the technical approach of other key personnel from BioRemedial allow Mr. Perry to blend the business world with the scientific world.  He prides himself on focusing his efforts on the actual remediation  instead of wasting time and money on unnecessary studies. Mr. Perry has worked with many consultants and has seen even more remediation approaches.  His experience allows for the most efficient and applicable approach to be chosen for a specific site.  Please feel free to contact Mr. Perry anytime with questions you may have  about bioremediation as a whole or about a unique contaminant or site issue you may be facing.


Email Tyler or call…724-981-1994


Albert Richnafsky, PG, CPG, LRS

Technical Director

Having over 30 years of experience in industry and consulting, Mr. Richnafsky brings to BRT a first-hand knowledge of all aspects of the environmental business, including wastewater treatment and air quality compliance, in addition to his forte of remediating soil and water contamination. He has engineered and installed numerous remediation systems at oil refineries, industrial facilities, and impromptu from the ground up at chemical spill sites.  Past experience has also taken Bert into the areas of mining and coal exploration as manager of a U.S. Steel Corporation regional office.  Mr. Richnafsky received his M.S. in Geology from West Virginia University, where he did his masters work under the direction of U.S. Steel’s world renown coal research team.  His experience and contacts over the years have enabled Mr. Richnafsky to clearly understand how things interact in the natural world whether it be in the environmental, mineral industries or compliance fields.   As he states, “It truly pleases me to  clean-up the sins of the past by focusing on completing the task at hand and not just studying the situation.  My greatest professional satisfaction occurs by solving a client’s problem.”  Mr. Richnafsky’s credentials include time as an adjunct professor in Geology and Geophysical Field Techniques at Penn State and Mercyhurst Universities.

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Amy Ashe, Ph.D

Lead Microbiologist

As senior microbiologist at BioRemedial Technologies, Inc, and during consultation with corporations facing environmental contamination problems, Dr. Ashe has collaborated with soil scientists, geologists, analytical chemists, civil engineers, and microbiologists in developing site- specific strategies for alleviating soil and groundwater pollution problems.  Dr. Ashe received her Ph.D. from Cornell University and has extensive experience in projects concerning remediation of organics, particularly gasoline hydrocarbons and additives, metals, and chlorinated solvents in both aerobic and anaerobic geochemical settings.


Tammy Miller

Lab Manager

As Laboratory Manager at BioRemedial Technologies, Inc, Mrs. Miller not only has many years of managerial experience in scientific research laboratories, but also more than 10 years of experience in multiple areas of science including  neurobiological research at the Cleveland Clinic, administration of science education programs at the University of Akron, and molecular research at Northeast Ohio Medical University. Mrs. Miller received her M.S. in Biology from Youngstown State University where she taught many undergraduate laboratory courses in microbiology while collaborating with scientists from BioRemedial for her graduate research in environmental microbiology where she studied the degradation of harmful environmental contaminants such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) through the process of bioremediation. Mrs. Miller continues to use her research experience at BRT to develop site-specific solutions for soil and water remediation.


Jan Mozzocio

Office Manager

Jan Mozzocio has been the Office Manager since 1996.  She is responsible for the organization and coordination of office operations, procedures and resources in order to ensure organizational effectiveness and efficiency.  These duties include purchasing, accounts payable, accounts receivable and human resources policies.


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